Sabbath Canon


Sabbath Canon was born and raised in the Philippines.  The youngest of eight kids, he grew up in a musical family. His  mother was a singer in the church choir, his father was a singer/guitarist of Spanish descent.

Sabbath learned how to play the ukelele when he was five years old and singing naturally came along with it. He switched to the guitar when he was thirteen and was inspired to play professionally by his sister Verna and his brother Jan. He graduated from high school and started college but dropped out after being caught up in a swirl of alcohol, drugs and rock & roll music. After taking care of his excesses, he began taking a lot of private music lessons, studying piano,  banjo, and clarinet. He is self-taught on harmonica and bodhran.

He has traveled to Japan, Hawaii, London, Ireland and Paris. A career highlight was an extended engagement in Subic Bay Philippines. Irish music is one of his influences, along with the Beatles, Bob Dylan, Cat Stevens and Neil Young. He performs live mostly at Irish Pubs in San Francisco California. He was encouraged by a  friend to write his own songs which are now on this website.fid